Well it’s fairly final, if not yet confirmed. All of our sock shopping has been done for this trip. Who would ever have thought that a few days away in Cambodia would occasion such specialized shopping opportunities?? Energy bars (probably enough to have fed Hannibal’s troops in their long trek through those snow capped mountains). Socks (chosen with the precision you’d expect of an Olympian rhythmic gymnastics training regime.) First aid kit to supply a small continent. Sun tan lotion/after sun lotion/mossi spray/mossie net/mossie plug-ins (the optimist always sees a need for electrical devices!). Apart from the common, everyday toiletries, hair products, shower goods. Walking poles. Walking boots.

Still to get the extra camera battery. Phone battery? (Do they sell these separately? Should I perhaps have been considering these earlier??)

Choose clothes. Wash clothes. Whittle down clothes choice. Take new luggage out of bag it arrived in (online is sooo wonderful!!).

Gather gear all around. Pack!!! Aaawwww – are there enough energy bars?? They probably won’t sell them over there!

OMG – I feel exhausted already! And still another two days worrying about whether I’ll be able to shift all this gear once it’s finally, (probably irrevocably!) squeezed into this super-duper lightweight (!) wheelable transport system. Well – the description online just about stopped itself short of that term! Anyway – a transport system is clearly what I need to transport what is starting to look alarmingly like all my worldly possessions!

Perhaps it would have just been easier to hire a winnebago for the few days??


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OK - I've been doing this for almost a year now and have still not mastered the mysteries of blogging!! WHAT are widgets? What are tags? Where on the dashboard do I find them or an explanation of how I can get them to work for me? In other aspects of my life I am fairly sharp. I could certainly be advisor to Hercule Poirot in unraveling his most impenetrable of cases. So - why oh why can I not figure out how to manage this bloomin' blog???????
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10 Responses to Preparations….Underway….

  1. kileen says:

    You’ve packed …haven’t you?? Or are as near as makes no difference. And you’ve done all your shopping too? So why aren’t you over here advising, ironing, helping me with my final preparations? Or at the very least out shopping for me? What about team spirit? And in return, I might divulge my backup phone battery solutions….

  2. xtrekki says:

    Well – perhaps I’m a little behind in my schedule just at this point. Or rather, I may have been had I been organized enough to have a schedule! But the battery??? All I ask is some hint of the electronic frontiers I am going to have to surmount before tomorrow!
    But yes – Speccy – is this ironing just so she will scale those heights of glam/chic which I am clearly going to be leaving behind?

    • kileen says:

      I am ironing because that’s what everyone else does – then I’ll throw everything at the case. I have a 3 fold solution to the phone battery/no means of charging it for a week problem. 1.Use the phone sparingly. 2. Expensive little gadget bought in Apple store that you charge up before you go & then plug into phone & it charges it up fully. But all phone shops would have them for any brand. 3. Bringing old (fully charged) phone that I can put my sim into when both the previous options have been exhausted. And since its not an overly smart phone, its battery should last longer. Now, I’m going back to my ironing….

  3. xtrekki says:

    How absolutely brilliant!!!! Now why didn’t I think of the old phone solution???? But – can old phones hold their charge? Have you got the charging device yet? I’m going to head down to Curries now for the camera battery and maybe see if I can get one of those things. Will this description be explanation enough?With the hand gestures???

    • kileen says:

      I got advice from an IT expert! Tested my old phone – wouldn’t charge at first but then I took the battery out & put it in again & it all worked perfectly. And it’s still working 🙂 It has to be the same size sim though & same phone service provider. Yes have my charging device too – mine is a morphie juice pack reserve suitable for iphone.

  4. xtrekki says:

    Aaahh – I have changed server. I’m not sure re size of sim. Although the phone should probably still be working. And I can probably manage it better than the Android I now have! But anyway – I’ve got something which I’m told will be a universal reserve pack. (Although only does for one complete recharge before itself needing recharged.)

  5. kileen says:

    Everyone has old phones. Find a friend with the same service provider as you have now & borrow their fully charged old phone 🙂 And if you still have the same size sim as your previous one, it’ll be ok. Or add to your last minute preparations list, getting the old phone unlocked in town.

    • xtrekki says:

      Unlocked? Where would I go to for that? The shop where I got the new phone/where I got the old phone or any phone shop? You see – you spin me headlong into dilemma with all these options!! Either way it will remain on the last minute shopping list! You are clearly my role-model for organization!

      • kileen says:

        You can get unlock codes online – google it for your phone. I’ve never done it so I don’t know how simple it is but it must be easy enough. Those little phone shops in town used to do it too.

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