One law for Jordanians….

So. The king of Jordan has bailed out sexual predators/paedophiles visiting Northern Ireland as paralympians from his country. And Northern Ireland justice has been trampled into the dust in order to avoid further embarrassment to this mighty ruler.

Children in Antrim have been subjected to sexual abuse from three male Jordanians yet we, in Northern Ireland have allowed them to think their pain is inconsequential in comparison to the inconvenience which may be caused to paralympian schedules or competition.

Such behaviour may be commonplace in Jordan. Jordanian men may well be excused any type of sexually abusive behaviour – I am unversed in the practices or mores of that particular country – what I do know is that we, in Northern Ireland, expect our police service to treat such offenders with the full rigour of the law. To ensure that, once apprehended, they are brought before a Court of Law from whence they can be appropriately detained for the protection of all Northern Ireland citizens.

So the King of jordan has posted £5000 bail. Perhaps I am an irretrievable cynic. But it occures to me that the King of Jordan could well afford to lose £15000. And – will Northern Ireland have the nerve to hold the head of state to account should these men default?

And equally importantly – how robust will reporting conditions be for these men? 

These men have violated the hospitality this country has afforded their team. They have thumbed their noses at the laws of this land. They have disgraced both their country and the paralympic movement. It would be utterly scandalous – and an insult to their victims –  if they were permitted to compete alongside committed athletes. 


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