Child Protection is everyone’s business. A rant.

So I’ve read, marked, learned and inwardly digested (as the boss used to intone in school assembly prayers). And still some of the news reports from yesterday are totally bewildering. Not because of the intellectual content (although some of that was pretty challenging). Rather for the evidence of the sheer callousness one person can show against another. The utter detachment from emotion. The rupture between the self and society. The manifestation of depravity. The revelation of casuistry.

Yes, I’ve looked again at the reports of the child trafficking/grooming, the cruelty of one mother against her children, the sophistry of Cardinal Sean Brady.

And I see anew why children must always be listened to when they report their hurt. I fear how easily indifferent people could dismiss their pleas. I can imagine the motives lurking beneath the submergence of uncomfortable information. And yesterdays’ news of aggregated malevolence only hinted at  the whirlwind, life-changing destruction to so many children of well meaning people passing by.



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