Come Dine (in) With Me???

Well, family were generous enough, on Friday night, to express their approval for the creme brulees. They’ll probably regret that –  with such encouragement, this is set to become my speciality dessert. And using the blowtorch is sooooo much fun!! I probably wouldn’t even bother trying fiddly, individual desserts if  I had only to place them under the dull ol’ grill to caramelize (burn??)

Or I may just dispense with the creme and polish up my caramel brittling skills. Because, as you will realize, it is the topping which enraptures with these little nectar pots.

Having watched this being so effortlessly done on Masterchef: the Professionals, I reckon it must be a very simple skill to develop (!!!!??) which a little practice will certainly perfect. Although, being a Masterchef groupie, I also know that Michel Roux jnr would patiently explain that the creme is the silky smooth balance to the sweet crunchy caramel, that both elements are required to make up a consummate, classical confection.

But hey – what does he know about real taste?? He finds some of the dishes made by competitors ‘too rich’!!! Is the man mad????

Anyway – despite rushing to get on with honing my own fine dining/creative baking skills – this is the final week of this seasons’ professional Masterchef. Which will be unmissable. All the chefs are young, talented, exciting and potential winners of the title.

But my money is going to be on Claire, the last remaining female competitor. Only just out of college, she’s already a cookery superstar!! Absolutely brilliant, she has wowed the judges (and me – a rowdy armchair critic!!) since she first appeared on the show. And at this point, having won through to the final, she has developed a strong individual style of cuisine.

There are still tortuously difficult challenges for each chef to meet in this competition, but – may the best woman win!!!!

(If this was a phone-in competition, where viewers votes counted, I’d do the same for her as I did for Eoghan Quinn a couple of years ago: single-handedly impel her to the top!!) But this time I’m voting for quality rather than provincialism!


Rock on Claire. May the force be with you!!!


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2 Responses to Come Dine (in) With Me???

  1. Patti says:

    I need to try creme brulee – I have the blowtorch – I made cherries jubilee for New Year’s Eve last year – special request from my husband (he just wanted to buy the blowtorch). I’ve only used it the one time. We do love creme brulee….. (and I agree – “too rich” – that’s just crazy talk)

  2. speccy says:

    I’m afraid to say it… I don’t like creme brulee
    But I’m sure I’ll make an exception for yours 🙂

    Patti, has your husband used the blowtorch for cooking since?

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