Home or Away??

Here I am, home alone, facing a weekend of talking to myself. (Not that that is any change – no-one listens when I speak anyway!) My Guiding Light is in London for the weekend, spending some quality time with the soon to return London Lass (I’ll clearly have to assign a new alias here).

It seems the Big City is not all it has been cracked up to be. For those going alone, it can be lonely. The love/hate relationship with family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances can suddenly transform into nostalgic memory of common interests, happy times at home.

It can be difficult to remember the high hopes one had on reaching that first, impressive, step towards the ultimate ambition. Enough to say that loneliness was never considered in any equation. Salary – yes. Opportunity for travel – yes. Excellent experience – yes. Training – yes. Qualifications, networking, meeting new people, glamour -yes,yes,yes,yes!!! Being home alone each evening and weekend – no. Only speaking face-to-face with work colleagues – no.

Some people thrive on being alone, some people manage to find like-minded peers in similar circumstances. Some, such as students starting their university courses, can be fairly certain they will find others as new, intimidated or excited by their environment and the wonders it holds, as themselves.

But even the most confident, the most independent, the most upbeat can be daunted by the feeling that they are unknown in a city full of strangers. I mean – being a ‘jenny-no-mates’, heading into the cinema may be alright for one occasion. On the second occasion, you start to think it has to do with your deodorant.

So, for now, this experiment is to come to an end. London Lass will have done what she wanted to do – to try it out. It’s not for her.

We’ll be happy to see her back with us, happy she has had the opportunity to work at what she figured would be a dream job. We are proud that she has had the courage to admit to her feelings and has made this decision without input from others.

All That Glisters...

Our London Lass may be closing one door, but she is nothing if not resilient, determined, versatile: a driven soul who will certainly have learned very valuable lessons from her life on Canary Wharf’s 52nd floor.


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OK - I've been doing this for almost a year now and have still not mastered the mysteries of blogging!! WHAT are widgets? What are tags? Where on the dashboard do I find them or an explanation of how I can get them to work for me? In other aspects of my life I am fairly sharp. I could certainly be advisor to Hercule Poirot in unraveling his most impenetrable of cases. So - why oh why can I not figure out how to manage this bloomin' blog???????
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