Light Relief…

OK – so I have had a busy enough weekend. But even I recognize that just because I have had an exhausting forty eight hours, there’s no need for me to inflict a full account of it onto anyone else. After all – to some extent I had a choice in my activities.

So I had considered a photo-montage. but then again – for the hardest part of Saturday – the bag-pack – the camera was left in the car. Thus limiting photo-opportunities.

Actually that bag-pack turned out to be less onerous than expected. The craic with check-out staff and customers alike was great and the amount raised, given the store was quite small, was excellent. We’ve been invited back to do a ‘Supermarket Sweep’ and will be arranging this after September.  We had to split the money with the stores’ chosen Charity of the Year , but, given that this was the Alzheimers society, I felt that I needed to contribute to that before it was too late!!! Although – given the back pain I have had since Saturday, I may be looking to share fund raising events with the Back-Injury Research group in future!

Anyway – I do have one or two photos of the reception event and the Christening, from Saturday night and Sunday. Ms Glam Shoes may well give the impression, at times, that I don’t take one picture when thirty-three can be taken, but I have been very circumspect this weekend – and they have mostly been of people!!! (Rather than of odd scenery/boats/sea/assorted lilies. Each of which I have featured rather largely in my photo files.)

So – without more ado – I present a photo-review of my weekend…

A Proud Mother and Groom

Proud Father and Newly ChristenedThe View En Route

So – all-in-all a happy, non-stop weekend. To be followed by a week of calm, stillness and serenity. (In my dreams!!!)



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