A change of direction.

I have spent today (and much of yesterday) completing an application form for another job. (I need a change, I need rescued from the commuting, the workload.) As it happens, I read a blog about the disillusionment accompanying such thankless drudgery and the disappointment of rejection. And it certainly reflected my own experience of job applications.

In this particular case, I was especially diligent. Specifying type/date/ board of each qualification. Giving a detailed account of my employment history including the minutiae of responsibilities.  Responding to each point on the person spec and the job responsibilities list (29 points in all!!!). Explaining why I would be perfect for this prize of a post. War and Peace probably took less effort (and certainly has a funner story). And was just about the same length. Probably one’s sympathy should rest with those having to read my grand opus.

It brought me to thinking, however. All that concentration. All that effort. All that creativity. All that paper. When all that is really needed is for someone to ask me if I have the qualifications they’ve asked for and then invite me for interview. Which they have to do, given that  I do have the qualifications/experience/and mental instability to  seek employment in this particular field. Whether or not the application form I produce demonstrates that my practice/work dazzles is immaterial in the grand scheme of things. Everthing is decided by performance on interview day.

By which time I’ll have forgotten why I thought I wanted the post, will have realized that I have no energy to figure out answers to likely questions and will just have accepted that the stress of the job I’m in is probably much the same as in the potential new job. That is – better the devil you know…

Nevertheless – I’ll be gutted if I don’t get offered this job, inconsolable that the escape route has evaded me. And if they don’t even interview me – then I’ll have to appeal the decision. How could they find someone better for the job than me without even meeting me????

So – all that remains is to find an envelope. OMG – do we have one in the house????? Deadline – tomorrow morning!!!

PS – this is Ascension Day. Whilst pondering a more amenable employment future, less encumbered by the worries and cares of a harrassed work life, (I hear you rush for the tissues even as I write!!) I’ve managed to miss my opportunity for appropriate observance of yet another of the great mysteries of religious/cultural identity – the ascendance into Heaven of the risen Christ. Will I miss the pastor/prophet and followers on 21st October after all????


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OK - I've been doing this for almost a year now and have still not mastered the mysteries of blogging!! WHAT are widgets? What are tags? Where on the dashboard do I find them or an explanation of how I can get them to work for me? In other aspects of my life I am fairly sharp. I could certainly be advisor to Hercule Poirot in unraveling his most impenetrable of cases. So - why oh why can I not figure out how to manage this bloomin' blog???????
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