A few more hours

It’s 11.00am. Approaching the (predicted) end of days. You still have a few more hours.

How will you spend it??

Quiet prayer may be appropriate. A period of serenity, contemplation. Praising, worshipping the Lord, the earth and all that is therein. Considering the next phase.

If only I’d realized in time, though. I’ve already booked to take the folks out today and they’re awaiting my arrival, even as I write this!! If I don’t get there, I wouldn’t get peace to do those things anyway – they’d be on the phone to me…. Just this morning, I have no time to stop and stare!

I’m not sure how that leaves me fixed for immortality.

But maybe I’ll let you know tomorrow.


About xtrekki

OK - I've been doing this for almost a year now and have still not mastered the mysteries of blogging!! WHAT are widgets? What are tags? Where on the dashboard do I find them or an explanation of how I can get them to work for me? In other aspects of my life I am fairly sharp. I could certainly be advisor to Hercule Poirot in unraveling his most impenetrable of cases. So - why oh why can I not figure out how to manage this bloomin' blog???????
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2 Responses to A few more hours

  1. speccy says:

    Well, I’m still here- obviously not holy enough to be lifted up. You?

  2. xtrekki says:

    Phheewww – it appears so!! Still time to ponder the meaning of life??

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