To catch a thief…

So another globally respected world leader has turned out to have less than sociable habits. Not to be quite such a pillar of society, a model of sobriety, an honourable man.

Ahhh, it was ever thus.  

Of course this may, indeed, be prejudging the chap, but one tends to imagine that, given his pre-eminence and wealth, NYPD (or whoever) would think twice about whipping (poor choice of verb there) him off a flight which was preparing for lift off. Especially given the big day he had planned for the next day. 

And they would probably have been reluctant to place any credence in the report of a lowly chambermaid against such a clearly honest high flying official who would surely be too smart to get himself embroiled in such a situation. After all – he’s not a footballer!!! 

Well – perhaps the story is simply that mud sticks.

But even at this stage, stories are emerging of previous such ‘relationships’ with women, of incidents where Mr S-K’s position, power and networks were used to silence voices of victims.

And no alibi has been produced to refute the claims (see how easily I drift in and out of Forensic Detective speak!!)

Thus I congratulate this person who is now calling what woulld appear to be a serial offender to account. Against all the odds, and against what was probably much opposition from city/world bank officials, she has stood up and told the world that the personal is political. That morality does count and that just because one is arrogant/powerful, does not mean one will not be held to account.

And that what is criminal for one person is also criminal for the head of the IMF.


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2 Responses to To catch a thief…

  1. kileen says:

    Ok I’ve been out of the country so I’m excused nor having a clue who you’re talking about. So do I google head of IMF then ?

  2. xtrekki says:

    I think now it’s the ex head of the IMF. which is currently decapitated.

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