Cause Celebre

Well – did you see it??? Were you glued to the TV for the five or so hours this morning of live coverage? And – did you see those headdress/sculptures worn by Eugenie and Beatrice???? I can never tell the two of them apart but in this instance it is of little concern – both wore equally hideous outfits and headwear!!

It certainly confirmed that Vivienne Westwood is  highly overrated. She may well be absolutely the guru of pantomime dames – but she has shown how far removed she is from the clean lines of the real world of the chic, sophisticated, up-market, twenty-first century youth market.

Aaannndd – what was Fergie thinking of???? Allowing her daughters to leave the house dressed like that??? Although, on reflection, there is rather too much evidence of Fergie’s dress-sense in this totally disastrous choice!! Or indeed – was it Alexander McQueen who drew up these concoctions??? Whoever. Fashion  crimes by anyone’s standards and surely a cruel joke played by a cynical anti-Royalist upon unsuspecting innocents?????

But – what about the bridesmaid dress? Pippa (really one needs to be in search of a royal to wear a ridiculous name like that!!) is certainly a good looking woman displayed to her absolute best in todays’ outfit. And – she was definitely not for letting go of the hands of those children!!! Clearly she had little electrodes attached to the chlldren’s palms which emitted electric shocks to them when they loosened their grip on her fingers! And – it worked a treat!  All of them looked delightful and did themselves proud! So small and yet so regal!! 

As for the bridal gown – well there will probably be comment about that long into the night and maybe even into tomorrow!! Analysing  style, comparing with royal weddings over the past five hundred years in Britain and worldwide, rating the bride against global competitors. So – my comment is probably less needed. Suffice to say that I thought she looked good and remarkably composed in the circumstances.

The music, for what I heard (up to ‘Love Divine’…) seemed appropriate, traditional and, at least, recognizable.

Actually – I witnessed very little of the actual event. But – it was hard to miss some of those more conspicuous elements. Such as very louche looking Elton and a good looking David. A gorgeous looking David Beckham. A ponderous looking Archbishop of Armagh. A bewildered looking Mr Clegg with his wife, the Addams family drop out. And a David Cameron slowly regretting his decision not to pay for a new hat for his wife!!! A Princess Ann proudly showing off the outfit she personally tie-dyed.

So – all good entertainment for the nation. A communal feelgood factor, an unobtrusive easing into a summer of cuts, and unresolveable/unheard individual stresses.

The question is – how could so many people (journalists/commentators/pundits etc) speak for so long about one event and still say so little??? The coverage started before 08.00am and went on – as far as I could see – well into the evening!! So much for Royal overload!! 

Still to come – the first facebook/utube postings of the shenanigans at the evening reception for the 300 close family and friends. Expected within the next hour of so. The real story of the day!!!!


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OK - I've been doing this for almost a year now and have still not mastered the mysteries of blogging!! WHAT are widgets? What are tags? Where on the dashboard do I find them or an explanation of how I can get them to work for me? In other aspects of my life I am fairly sharp. I could certainly be advisor to Hercule Poirot in unraveling his most impenetrable of cases. So - why oh why can I not figure out how to manage this bloomin' blog???????
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3 Responses to Cause Celebre

  1. speccy says:

    I was up and washed and dressed and parked in front of the tv by about 8.15- by 9.30 I was getting fed up… Even W & K seemed bored by bits of the ceremony
    But the hats, the frock, his grumpy grandparents made it all worth watching 🙂

  2. kileen says:

    I was glued to it. Not a bit happy when the coverage ended. Fortunately Tv3 were having a good old bitching session complete with footage of all the style/non style.

  3. xtrekki says:

    Well, when I got home from work (tired. crabby, stressed……feel for me yet?????) I collected the first of the holiday carry-out dinners to have in front of the TV (Isuppose I’ve just blown all that hard-earned sympathy vote!!). So. Having eaten, I promptly fell asleep in front of that much racier TV3 replay. I still managed to catch the sound bites of all that I needed to hear throughout the day!!!

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