Well now that the tickets are in my hot little hand, the bathing costume has been unearthed from under the morass of last years’ summer duds, and the sun tan lotion has been ordered from the Avon lady, the final touches to holiday preparations was completed today. Yes – the suitcase was purchased!!! Now I have my focus for the next couple of nights! Long after this holiday has come and gone I’ll remember the fun and excitement of the lead-up!!

And today was such a pleasant drift towards a magical, stress-free, holiday ambience. Coffee with friends in the morning (the ‘in’ place in Holywood), some retail therapy in the afternoon, finished off with a celebratory meal (for our soon to be departing high-flyer).

For today, Carol (Vorderman) and her detox diet was relaxed. Indeed – Carol and I have had something of an on-off relationship. The meat and wheat ban I can manage at a push – but do you not think that coffee and red wine are just as natural as herbal teas? I mean – are they not simply natural infusions, as are mint, camomile, blackberry, green tea? And – whoever would imagine that drinking green stuff anyway would be health giving??? Personally I feel that all that’s needed is some re-branding and coffee will be restored to it’s rightful position of life-affirming, natural stimulant!!!

Anyway – I digress. This time away, I plan to travel light. No more dragging dead-body weights across airport departure lounges, hoping that I won’t be chosen to open my suitcases at security checks since I’d need someone twice my size to sit on them afterwards to get them closed. No – this time it’s knickers and toothbrush only.

And shorts. and a couple of really nice wee tops I happened to pick up in Oasis the other week.

And a beautiful sun dress I found somewhere and haven’t had opportunity to wear yet.

And just a couple of other new things found in the course of shopping over the past days.

Oh – and there was those absolutely gorgeous shoes which will have to go with me otherwise where else could I wear them??? And the (not-too) high strappy sandals which I hope I’ll need every day. 

Still – the suitcase is not toooo big. But thinking about it now – what is the limit for the cabin luggage???!!!


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