How others see us

I haven’t been doing this blogging thing for very long, as you may know, but when I started, I sort of saw myself as a fledgling Jane Austin. An unobtrusive observer of life. You know – telling  stories of society and the manners/mores imprisoning it. Speaking as other people, about other people. A narrator of a world inhabited but detached from. An Everyman.

It was disconcerting then – nay shocking! – to meet up with friends and more experienced bloggers and be told that I had failed entirely to hit that spot!!! Apparently I write exactly as I speak!!!!! So much for donning a separate persona!! Blogging would appear to be much more complicated than I had imagined. Writing obviously requires greater thought. Less use of the personal pronoun. Shorter sentences? Longer sentences? More dialogue? More description? Less description? More profound issues? Broader stroke?

As I head off to work now, I have much to ponder. How to spice this up? Anonymize?Commentary on pressing world affairs? Tutorials on dressmaking? Concentration on gardening issues? Comedy routines?

But a further thought occurs to me. I took this up as a bit of relaxation. As a respite from daily life, a destressor. Perfecting new ways of communicating sounds such a lot of hard work. For which I have neither energy nor appetite. I fear you’ll have to make do with me just as I am, after all!!!


About xtrekki

OK - I've been doing this for almost a year now and have still not mastered the mysteries of blogging!! WHAT are widgets? What are tags? Where on the dashboard do I find them or an explanation of how I can get them to work for me? In other aspects of my life I am fairly sharp. I could certainly be advisor to Hercule Poirot in unraveling his most impenetrable of cases. So - why oh why can I not figure out how to manage this bloomin' blog???????
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2 Responses to How others see us

  1. kileen says:

    I look forward to the dressmaking tutorials & the comedy routine. Will you be combining the two?

  2. speccy says:

    If you did the commentary on world affairs then I wouldn’t have to think about them. I’d just quote you when the camera crew turn up at my door. That would be a great public service.
    You can make all my clothes too when you get back from your holidays all rested and refreshed and energetic.

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